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Springtime is wonderful, but with it comes those pesky little ants that find their way into your home and into undesirable places where you have food or where you and your family get together to eat. Here are some old, new and unusual methods to rid you of their presence.

The idea here is to keep them out before you have to get rid of them. Ants require a very small port of entry, so seal your windows, doors and any cracks that might allow them to crawl thru. It is inexpensive, low risk and safe for kids and pets. Bonus – this may give you better temperature control and lower energy bills.

Draw a line around your home entry points. The ants will be repelled by the calcium carbonate in the chalk, which is actually made up of ground-up and compressed shells of marine animals. As a deterrent, scatter powdered chalk around garden plants.

Herbs and spices
Flour, sugar and paprika can all fall prey to ants. Keep these cooking essentials safe by slipping a bay leaf inside your storage containers. If you are concerned about the flour or sugar picking up a bay leaf flavor, tape the leaf to the inside of the canister lid. This trick works inside cabinets too, where sachets of sage, bay, stick cinnamon or whole cloves will smell pleasant while discouraging ants.

Boiling water
Little black ants follow consistent routes from their nest and back again. If you see a trail of them, just follow it until you find the nest. If their nest is a “hill” or more underground, just pour boiling water over it and let the water soak in. Larger carpenter ants live in moist wood nests and are harder to locate. If you do find one, remove the wood containing the nest, look for any further structural damage and replace wood as required.

Regular prevention
• Use airtight food containers and wipe them off after each use
• Wipe down sinks and counters and keep floors vacuumed
• Remove garbage from the premises immediately
• Use the garbage disposal rather than leaving food sitting around in a trash can

If you try these methods and your results do not meet your expectations, then it is time to bring in the PEARSON GUY. He will get rid of your ants and to further control other critters, he will do an inside/outside spray for only $99 – regularly a $160 value.

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