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8 Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can live in our homes year round, but during the summer, these tiny pests begin to grow in population and can become a real nuisance for homeowners. They’re incredibly small (3-4 mm) and getting rid of an infestation can be very troublesome.

However, there are several steps you can take to stop fruit flies from spreading and get rid of their presence altogether.

  • Throw out old, rotting food. Fruit flies are attracted to food that’s starting to go bad, specifically decaying fruits and vegetables. Juice from over-ripened fruit becomes a magnet that will attract a multitude of fruit flies in no time. As soon as you see fruit flies, go through the produce in your refrigerator. Any fruits or vegetables that are oozing liquid should be thrown out and removed from your home immediately.
  • Clean out your trash cans and recycling bins. Trace amounts of liquid from soda cans, juice boxes or other beverages provide a great free meal for a fruit fly. Take a look at the inside of the trash can in your kitchen or recycling bin. Use a warm washcloth and soapy water to remove any sticky liquid you may find.
  • Replace old sponges, mops, or dishrags. Overused sponges or rags are a perfect breeding ground for fruit flies. If it’s been awhile since you’ve replaced any of these, throw out your old ones immediately. Be sure to discard used, disposable rags.
  • Set up a few vinegar traps. Fruit flies may be annoying, but they aren’t intelligent by any means. Fruit flies will dive head first into anything that smells like fermenting fruit. Set up a few small dishes in your problem areas with some apple cider vinegar. Some of the flies will mistake the deadly liquid for food and begin to get rid of themselves for you.
  • Fix any slow moving or stopped up drains in your home. Slow moving drains can contain food or organic matter – another potential breeding ground for fruit flies. Remove any food waste that you can see from the inside of your sink. If your sink is stopped up, try to correct the problem so that organic matter won’t collect and provide a free buffet for the flies.
  • Thoroughly clean your kitchen. Crumbs or even the smallest spots of dried liquid can provide a feast for a fruit fly population. Sweep and mop your floors and wipe down every inch of your counters to get rid of these leftover particles. Thoroughly wipe down the area your trash is kept.
  • Make sure jar lids are sealed. Fruit flies only need the tiniest of spaces to squeeze through and find free food. Make sure that every container your family uses is sealed completely before going back in the cupboard or refrigerator.
  • Clean your dishes immediately. It can be tempting to leave dirty dishes and glasses sitting out after a big meal, but this will only give the fruit flies your leftovers. Make sure to clean up dishes with soap and water immediately after using them. Leaving dishes sit out for an extended period of time will soon attract, and feed, your fruit flies and other pests.

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