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Pest Control & Exterminator Rockford

Pearson is a full service pest management company offering pest, termite, bee and rodent extermination serving the Rockford area and surrounding cities. We provide residential and commercial exterminator services and are able to handle any pest problem you may have.

Pearson currently has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a clean record with the Illinois Department of Public Health. Our technicians receive hours of training and testing on all the latest treatment and technical advances in the industry.

We can provide single service visits or a scheduled maintenance program to keep your home or business pest free.

Pest Control Maintenance Programs

Get peace of mind with regular maintenance and protection for your home or business. Our services begin with an evaluation by a state-licensed technician, who will provide you with a solution to remedy any all of your pest problems. Our general pest extermination maintenance program covers ants, rodents, bees, fleas, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders and other various common insects. Following your initial inspection, we will be able to monitor and treat your home or facility regularly.

Mosquito Control

Don’t let mosquitos crash your party! Here in the Midwest we appreciate our summers. After the inevitably long winter, we are ready to be outside enjoying our backyards. So don’t spend your summers inside hiding from the mosquitos!

If you’re interested in keeping mosquitos off your guest list for this year’s backyard barbecues, consider having your yard treated for mosquitos. In addition to being incredibly annoying, mosquitos can also pose several health risks to you, your family and even your pets.

We offer our treatments as stand-alone sprays or as packages with multiple visits included, or packages that also include structural treatments.

Termite Control & Protection

Your home is one your most valuable assets and we want to help you protect it from those who could destroy it. Termites are one of the most damaging and persistent pests in this area. Fortunately, Pearson technicians are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable in locating, eradicating and preventing termite colonies. If you suspect a termite infestation in your home or business, call Pearson for a termite inspection.

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