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Following some basic guidelines will help to protect your basement from the basement water damage that can come with the spring thaws.

The sump pump is one of those “insurance policy” appliances that you depend upon to be there when you need it. Severe storms and spring thaws can create an overabundance of water that needs to soak into the soil. If your house has a high water table or poorly draining soil, you could be a candidate for basement water problems.

Until you hear it working or realize it’s not, chances are you don’t think much about the sump pump in your basement. When enough water collects in your sump pump’s basin, the pump works its magic and sends it away from your house. If it fails to operate, then the water level could rise above the pit and cause serious flooding damage!

Since sump pumps often sit for months without use, it is a good idea to perform some simple maintenance to keep the pump in tip-top shape. Let’s take a look at some things that YOU can do to give yourself “peace of mind” when it comes to your sump pump.

• Is the sump pump plugged in?
• Is the power cord in good shape?
• Is the drain pipe connected properly? Does it allow the water to be carried to the outside?
• Is there any debris in the pit that could clog the pump and prevent it from working correctly? Remove any water, sludge or grit from the pit using a     wet shop vac. Look around for small objects such as children’s toys.
• Dump a bucket of water into the pit to raise the float and ensure that the pump activates when the water level rises. If necessary, adjust the float.
• Because sump pumps are powered by electricity, they will not do their job during a power outage. If you have installed a battery backup, unplug the   pump to see if the battery backup will continue to operate the pump.

For additional peace of mind, strongly consider a battery backup system. There are numerous types of pumps available to provide the solution that you want.

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