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Spring Cleaning 101

Each year, many homeowners partake in an annual tradition of deep cleaning and organization known as spring cleaning. Once spring arrives, many of us take a weekend – or an entire week – to scrub, scour and clean in places that have been neglected during the fall and winter.

Spring cleaning has taken on a name of its own and is almost synonymous with practices that are meant for purification and rejuvenation purposes. So why do we pick this time of year to make such a big fuss about cleaning? Before vacuum cleaners came about, spring cleaning actually served a practical purpose. In temperate climates in the United States and Europe, March was the best time of year for heavy dusting because it was warm enough to open doors and windows but early enough in the year to not worry about insects. Spring is also typically a time of renewal in nature for both plants and animals, so a complete home cleansing seems natural this time of year.

When you’re taking the time to conduct your own spring cleaning this year, make sure to address these areas for a home you can enjoy year ‘round!

Kitchen cabinets – Dust and other particles slowly but surely build up in all of our cabinets during the year. Plus, after a few dozen rounds of grocery shopping, our food inventory can start to become unorganized and disheveled. Remove everything from your cabinets wipe everything down with hot water and mild soap. Then, you’ll have the space to organize all your items in whichever order you prefer!

Closets – Organizing the closets in your bedroom and other rooms in your home is one of the first steps to organizing the rest of your home! If you’re like most of us, you’ve got at least one closet that’s basically just a space where items are mindlessly placed and not really organized. You could be utilizing these spaces to help declutter the rest of your home! First, take out everything you’ve got inside your closet that you want to organize. Then, organize everything into two piles – one for items to be thrown away and one for items to be donated. Don’t be afraid to let go of some of your belongings! If you’ve forgotten that they’re there, it’s probably OK to get rid of them. After you’ve decided on what items are essential, put them back in your closet so they’re to access once you need them. This will help you keep your entire home organized until the next round of spring cleaning.

Dishwasher – When we run the dishwasher, food fragments get knocked loose and can collect in the bottom of the unit. If not cleaned properly, these pieces of food can create an unpleasant odor and decrease the effectiveness of our dishwasher over time. Pull out your dish racks and clean out the bottom of your dishwasher. Then, run an empty cycle to finish the job. This task isn’t limited to just spring cleaning – repeat once a month for best results!

Refrigerator – Much like our kitchen cabinets, our refrigerators can become unorganized and full of clutter over the months. Containers of food can also leak from time to time and leave a sticky mess on our shelves. Empty your refrigerator and store your food in a cool place. Take a look at what items you have and pitch any expired food. Then, remove the interior shelving and wash them with warm, soapy water. After you replace the shelving and food in your fridge, place an open box of baking soda on one of the shelves to absorb any unpleasant odors.

Washing machine – Dirt and grime can build up after multiple wash cycles and diminish the effectiveness of our washing machines. To get rid of washing machine buildup, run an empty cycle with hot water and add two cups of white distilled vinegar along with a quarter cup of baking soda. Let the cycle run and wipe your washing machine dry for a freshly cleaned washer!


Want to take your spring cleaning to the next level? We can help! Pearson specializes in duct cleaning services that will help rid your home of dust, allergens and other unwanted particles that can build up in your home. Regular duct cleanings can help improve the quality of the air in your home as well as the efficiency of your HVAC unit. Give us a call today!   

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