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Signs Your Water Heater Could Be Acting Up

Like most appliances in our home, the only time we really notice our water heater is when it stops working. Until the hot water supply stops, that big, metal cylinder in the basement usually goes unnoticed.

Most water heaters are built to last up to twelve years and can last even longer with proper maintenance. However, if you start noticing any of these signs of water heater failure, you may want to take action before you’re greeted with an icy cold morning shower!

Rusty Water
Have you noticed that your hot water looks rusty or discolored? There are a few reasons this could be occurring, including water softener resin, plumbing system rust or a corroded water heater tank. Rusty water may not necessarily indicate a failing water tank, but if it occurs frequently, it’s worth checking in to.


Moisture Around Water Heater
This is one of the easiest problems to spot with any water heater. A pool of water around the bottom of your water heater could indicate a leak or fracture in the tank. As water is heated, the surrounding metal in the tank expands and then later contracts. The repeated expanding and contracting can cause small leaks that can turn into major problems if not caught soon enough. If you notice moisture has collected at the bottom of your water heater, take a look at all the surrounding piping and fittings to make sure the problem isn’t coming from anywhere else. If you notice something is loose and leaking water, try to tighten it and use a towel to clean up the excess water. Wait a couple hours or so and check the water heater again. If you notice the moisture is back, it may be time for a service call.

Excessive Noise or Rumbling
Some people describe the noise as a popping, cracking, knocking or rumble, but no matter what, any type of unusual noise coming from your water heater isn’t a good sign. Loud noises are usually due to sediment that builds up at the bottom of the tank. When the sediment sits long enough after being heated and reheated, it can harden and cause efficiency loss, costing you more on your monthly energy bill. Even worse, the sediment can wear on the tank and cause a leak.


If you’ve noticed any of these signs of water heater failure, give us a call or schedule a service call today. Our expert technicians have the experience and knowledge to properly diagnose any issue and recommend the proper steps to prevent major issues from developing in the future.

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