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Mosquitos? No problem!

Don’t let mosquitos crash your party this summer!

We may be in third winter right now, but warmer weather is right around the corner! That means backyard barbecues, graduation parties, late night fires, and enjoying your coffee out on your deck every morning. But what do all of these activities have in common? One very pesky, very annoying, and potentially harmful uninvited guest: The Dreaded Mosquito.

Here in the Midwest we appreciate our summers. After the inevitably long winter, we are ready to be outside enjoying our backyards. And there’s nothing worse than hiding inside, trying to avoid mosquitos.

If you’re interested in keeping mosquitos off your guest list for this year’s backyard barbecues, consider having your yard treated for mosquitos. In addition to being incredibly annoying, mosquitos can also pose several health risks to you, your family and even your pets.

Mosquito treatments lasts for 4 – 5 weeks and can eliminate up to 90% of mosquitos. So how does it work? Our trained technicians will examine your yard and identify shady areas with dense foliage – an ideal home for mosquitos. They will then spray our EPA approved solution in those areas, and along the perimeter of your yard. You will then wait 30 minutes for the solution to dry and then enjoy the next 4 – 5 weeks!

If your family spends a lot of time outdoors, we recommend signing up for a package-treatment, which include 5 sprays every 4-5 weeks. Or, if you have a special event coming up, like a graduation or a birthday party, you can schedule a special treatment prior to your party.

Don’t let mosquitos crash your party this summer. Visit
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