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Admit it – we may not be scared of spiders, but we do not like them. Many of us have been bit in the night and awakened to a nice new tender red spot somewhere on our body! Even though spiders can survive outside in our cold winter climate, just like us, they would prefer to spend the winter inside where they can feast on other insects.

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What brings spiders into your home?
• Moisture – it provides a drinking source and usually with it, a warm place to live
• Other insects – flies and wasps become a great food source
• Open trash containers – food for the little guys, who become food for the spiders
• Clutter – boxes in storage areas (basement) provide a spot for web building
Spiders are very active in the fall as temperatures begin to drop and mating season begins. Although the majority of spiders in our area are harmless, they are a nuisance and leave behind their unsightly webs.

Some Prevention Tips
The first step in controlling house spider population is locating possible entry points. Spiders will enter through gaps around windows and doors. Sealing these openings is critical to reduce possible future invasions. Window and door screens can prevent entry and door sweeps can provide an additional barrier to entry. Seal cracks in walls and foundations with caulking.

What if they are already inside the house?
Vacuum to remove any webs and egg sacs. Use plastic storage containers instead of cardboard boxes. Make sure to sweep and vacuum regularly to locate and remove webs. This regular activity is a disturbance that can keep spiders from building nests.

How wary of the spiders should I be?
Spiders may bite if threatened or cornered. At times, they are found in beds, clothing or shoes. Medical attention is typically not required, unless severe swelling, lesions or headaches occur. If possible, take the spider along for evaluation.

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