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I know you are still sweating from the high temperatures (really high last week). But, since you are still reading this blog, you are obviously smart enough to know that in this climate your home needs additional moisture from a humidifier in the colder months.

I want you to be ahead of the curve for this winter. With the colder weather comes the dry air. Without proper levels of humidity in your home, you will be more susceptible to the nuisances of scratchy throats, dry skin and swollen nasal passages.

Even though I cannot install a humidifier for free, I really want you to have a humidifier. So, I offer the following opportunity for you to take care of two vital home improvements at the same time that will enable you to save money as well as time.

Have Pearson install (your cost is less than 20 cents a day) an Aprilaire 600 humidifier in your home (actually on your furnace) and receive a professional cleaning and precision tune up for your furnace FOR FREE (regularly a $99 value)!

You will feel more comfortable with the required moisture in your home, plus the peace of mind that your furnace will run effectively throughout the cold months. These two factors together should lead to a lower fuel usage and reduced heating bills.

For those of you that like to be superefficient with your time, maybe you would be interested in having your AC and furnace tuned and cleaned at the same time. We can ensure that the AC is still well after its hard working summer of use and get the furnace ready for inevitable colder weather. Call and schedule both units together from August 15-23 and receive an inside/outside pest control spray for only $59 (regularly $150).

Due to the high humidity and recent moisture, we have experienced an increase in our customer requests for TERMITE inspections. As a review, please see our June 15th blog to see if there are signs that termites have invaded your home or yard. Call us immediately if you have concerns or questions.

Pearson Guy and his professional staff are ready to solve your problems today. YOUR PROBLEM IS NO PROBLEM! Call 815-398-8312. Ask about complete AC installations for only $1799 or $55 per month (restrictions apply). Pest control inside/outside spray (odorless, quick drying, safe for kids/pets) for only $99 – regularly $150.

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