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Holiday Plumbing Disasters: Dealing With and How to Avoid Them

The holidays are upon us! For a few of us, this means your home has been converted into a hotel for out of town guests and relatives. With all this added chaos, it can be hard to keep up with your regular routine.

It can be even harder to make sure that your house is in the proper condition to deal with the weather that comes with this season. Holiday plumbing disasters can strike when you least expect it – or have the least ability to deal with it.

Holiday Plumbing Disasters

Garbage Disposal Overload: One of the best parts about the holidays is the food that comes with all the festivities. Preparing large, elaborate dinners and getting everyone in the family around the table go hand in hand with the holiday season. But, while everyone is eating and relaxing, your garbage disposal may be working overtime. Holiday meals are rich with substances that can overwork a garbage disposal. The unit is also usually not accustomed to the increased load due to your extended family. Make life easy on yourself, your wallet, and your garbage disposal this holiday season by throwing any large leftovers in the garbage instead of down your garbage disposal.

Frozen Pipes: While you’re putting all of your focus into the family, as you should, your home and the weather may be playing against you. Frozen pipes can make it so that the household doesn’t have any access to running water – or worse – can cause these pipes to burst, leaking water into your home.

Water Heater Blow Out: If you’re lucky enough to host an extended overnight stay for out of town relatives, the quick, increased use of pipes could lead to some problems. All the people staying at your house will need to take showers and use hot water, putting extra strain on your water heater in a short time. This could result in a blowout and no hot water for anyone. Yikes!

Clogged Kitchen Sinks: Like the garbage disposal, the increase of food and dishwashing means and increased chance that your sink can clog. Make sure you (and your guests!) only put food down the sink that can be taken care of by your disposal. And always make sure to run water down the drain for a brief period of time after the dishes are done.

Overflowing toilets: It’s happened! That dreaded moment when one of your guests comes out of the bathroom in a panic, exclaiming the words you don’t want to hear. “Something is wrong with the toilet!” Hopefully, this is a problem that can be taken care of with just a plunger. But, we aren’t always so lucky. If a deep clog requires a little more care, Pearson is available 24/7 to lend a hand.

All of these occurrences can lead to added, unneeded stress during the already hectic holidays. If any of these problems are too much to handle, Pearson is a phone call away. We guarantee expert service that will allow you to pick up get back to what really matters during the holidays.

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