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Easy Home Improvements to Bug-Proof Your Home

One of the often overlooked perks of winter is the absence of pesky bugs in our home. A few might show up every now and then, but for the most part, we get to take a few months off from dealing with flies, mosquitos, ants and other insects.

When the warm weather soon returns, so too will the usual pests that try to make their way inside in search of food. Fortunately, with just a few minor repairs and simple maintenance, you can keep the bugs where they belong – outside!

Practice Proper Lawn Maintenance

Bugs are going to live in our yards no matter what, but we can prevent more from gathering and reproducing with proper upkeep and maintenance. Standing water is one of the biggest attractions for pests (not to mention a breeding ground for mosquitos). Clean your gutters or outdoor drainage systems to make sure everything is flowing and free of standing water. If you notice a few spots in your lawn where water seems to collect after a rainstorm, consider aerating your lawn to allow water to return to the soil. This will help improve your grass as well as get rid of a gathering place for insects. Also, be sure to keep your lawn free of piles of organic debris such as leaves or grass clippings. These make excellent homes and food sources for outdoor pests.

Seal Doors and Entryways

Even if your doors remain shut 24/7, if they aren’t properly sealed, bugs can march right on through. In most cases, they’re able to enter through a gap in the bottom of the door that isn’t adequately sealed off from the outdoors. This can easily be prevented by installing a threshold that will seal off the gap. Weatherstripping can also help seal any gaps on the top or sides of your entryway. Not only will sealing your doors block insects from coming inside, it’ll also stop drafts and help you save on your energy bills!

Fix Your Screens

Take a look at the screens on any patio door or window in your home. Over time, most screens will see a few rips and tears for various reasons. If you see any holes the size of a pinkie nail or bigger, it’s as good as an open door for most outdoor pests. These are usually a quick fix – simply apply a coat of clear household glue or nail polish to seal the screen. Also, be sure to check the sides and corners of each screen to make sure they’re securely in place and fit tight against the frame to stop pesky outdoor intruders.

Leave it to the Birds

If you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em! Birds are insects’ #1 natural predator and they’re more than happy to visit your home for a free meal. They’ll also help liven up your surroundings while they cut down on your insect population. Lead nearby birds straight to the source by setting up a bird bath or bird house in your yard near areas where bugs are known to congregate. Remember to change the water every couple days if you decide to install a bird bath to keep it from going stagnant. And for those who aren’t afraid of things that go bump in the night, bats are also extremely effective when it comes to feasting on unwanted bugs. Installing a bat house will give these nocturnal predators a comfortable place to stay while they take care of your insect problem.

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