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Most homeowners are aware of the odor of natural gas in their home. It usually occurs from a small leak in gas piping to our furnace, fireplace, water heater or stove. But what do you know about Carbon Monoxide and Radon – both odorless and colorless?

If you smell gas in your home, get outside into the fresh air. Call the gas company’s emergency number or 911 to get someone on their way to your home immediately. If the gas smell is not too strong, open a window before exiting.

Be aware of the following events – all can increase the danger level and affect safety:

• Do not flip on a light switch
• Do not plug in or unplug any electrical cords like a cell phone charger
• Do not use an open flame to light anything – even a candle
• If the power is out, do not investigate – get out of the house
• If the odor is in the garage, do not start the car

Called the “silent killer”, it is produced in most homes by the water heater, furnace or the automobile. Exposure to low or moderate levels can cause flu-like symptoms that can quickly become serious. High levels can kill in a matter of minutes often without warning.

Have the operation of your water heater and furnace serviced once a year, paying particular attention to the burners and the venting. Don’t forget your chimney. They can become blocked by debris and cause CO to build up inside your home. Never run your car or truck inside an attached garage.

Ensure that you have CO detectors on every floor. Regularly test devices, check batteries and replace if necessary.

• A lesser known health hazard in homes
• A radioactive gas that comes from uranium decay
• Can occur in any area of the country or in any type of home
• Virtually undetectable as it seeps through cracks in walls and floors
• Inexpensive home test kits can be purchased at most hardware stores

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