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If you have a finished basement that is enjoyed by your entire family and your friends, then read on to see how you can get this incredibly low cost “peace of mind” coverage.

Most of us have smoke alarms in our homes to detect smoke in its earliest stages. We are well aware of the loud piercing sound they emit that allows us to take appropriate action before things get out of hand.

Now you need to know that there is a product that has the ability to let you know when unwanted water has appeared in your finished basement level or any other area of your home where water is used. Operating similar to a smoke alarm, the Pro Series WATER ALARM provides an early warning signal that will allow you to discover the water source before the problem rises to a level that endangers your living space.

This small and lightweight water alarm fits in the palm of your hand. Despite its small stature, it can do a VERY BIG job of protecting your valuable space. When water contacts the sensors on the alarm, a very loud sound will be produced that alerts you to the fact that water exists somewhere it does not belong.

Simple water leaks from water heaters, sink drains, broken washing machine hoses, clogged air conditioner drain tubes and leaky or broken pipes are immediately detected, resulting in quick corrective measures dramatically lowering damage, clean up time and money.

• Alarm can be placed directly on the floor or sensor wires can be extended to reach down into a sump pump pit
• 5 year limited warranty against defects in material or workmanship
• Battery life is typically 24-48 months
• Place an alarm wherever there is a risk of water damage – basement, utility room, laundry room, kitchen or bathroom

Ask your Pearson professional plumber about WATER ALARMS today!

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