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Benefits of Keeping Cool in the Bedroom

During the winter months, energy bills can be downright shocking for many homeowners. It’s an awful feeling to open a bill that turns out to be much higher than expected. It can be even worse when you think you’ve done all you can to cut down on your energy consumption and there are still several months of cold weather left to go.

Consider this option – turn down your thermostat when you go to sleep at night! The general rule of thumb is that during an eight hour period, every degree Fahrenheit you set the thermostat back will translate to a 1% savings on your heating bill! Turning down the thermostat by ten degrees at night could potentially save up to 10% on your next heating bill.

For some, this is easier said than done. A warm bedroom is no doubt comforting and many of us sleep better in a warmer environment. However, this is nothing that can’t be accomplished by layering a few extra blankets or bundling up while sleeping. Also be sure to cover your toes in some thick socks, as they are usually the part of the body that gets coldest the quickest.

While you sleep, dream of the savings you’ll achieve! On a $200 bill, 10% off translates to a savings of $20. Even lower, 15% off translates to a savings of $30. Take that over an average of three months and you’ve saved $60-$90…all while you sleep!

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