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We all have seen pests around our home. We usually do not stop to think where they came from. The truth is, they can be brought home in a variety of ways. How is that possible and what can you do to stop it?

School supplies are bought and kids are back in school. The time is here for studying, learning many new great wonderful exciting things and having fun with all your friends. Now I have to think about pests?

Even though we do not think about it, pests have been around schools forever. Just like our homes, pests find schools attractive places to hang out. They are sources for food, water and shelter.

Think about student lockers and desks in the years up to 12th grade. They can become home for pests that feed on food that is left behind. Pests can be attracted to the warmth and moisture associated with cafeterias and mechanical rooms with boilers and furnaces.

Students and teachers can be unknowing and unwilling vehicles for taking pests home. They can be carried home in backpacks, lunch boxes, musical instruments and athletic gear.

How can you reduce the pest problem at home from school transferred unwanted guests? Here are some suggestions to consider:

• Regularly inspect any of the above mentioned “critter carriers” like backpacks
• Remind kids to throw out an leftover food and close up packages securely
• Reduce clutter in school lockers – good hiding places for cockroaches and mice
• Make sure students use their own combs and brushes to prevent spread of lice

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