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A Termite Walks into a Bar…

What did the termite say when he walked into the bar? Where is the bar tender?


Seriously though, termites are no joke! Termites feed on dead plant material, generally in the form of timber, fallen logs, leaves, and other cellulose-containing materials. They can cause can cause serious structural damage to your home’s structure, porches, deck, fences, sheds, raised garden beds and more!

Follow these preventative tips to make sure the wood on your property doesn’t end up as termite food.

  • Don’t stack firewood or mulch against porches or wood siding. Termites are already attracted to untreated wood in found in porches and siding, so don’t make things any easier on them by adding more. Bags of mulch or firewood should be kept a safe distance away from wood exteriors, preferably inside of a plastic or metal storage container where they will be safe from termites.
  • Keep wood siding 6 inches above the ground. Wood that comes into contact with the ground is much more accessible for termites looking for a meal. If possible, try to make sure there’s at least six inches between your deck or shed and the ground below.
  • Perform regular checks on wood siding. Every week or so, take a look around the wooden structures in your backyard for the telltale signs of a termite infestation.  Read up on the warning signs here:
  • Maintain plant life around wooden structures. If you have a good amount of plants or trees in your yard, make sure that they are kept trimmed and aren’t brushing up against any of your wooden structures. Termites can easily navigate their way from trees and plants onto your shed or deck if they’re given a proper path.
  • Prevent moisture with a sand barrier. If you notice moisture collecting at the bottom of your shed or deck, this can allow termites to burrow through the soft soil and into your wood. To help prevent this problem, spread a layer of sand around the foundation of your wooden structure and in between any gaps that moisture could build up. This will stop the termites in their tracks after they’re unable to burrow through the sand.

Think you might have a termite problem? Call the experts at Pearson – we’ll come out to inspect your property and if there is an infestation, we’ll recommend an effective plan of action.

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