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Water Heater Installation in Rockford, IL

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If you need water heater replacement in Rockford, IL, Pearson Plumbing and Heating is the company to call. When there are so many companies offering replacement services, why call Pearson? For starters, at Pearson we take pride in being the most reliable water heater installation service you’ll find in Rockford and the surrounding area.

For good measure, we also realize that water heater problems don’t always occur during regular office hours. That’s why our water heater technicians are always on call, 24/7, to provide the very best water heater service you can find in the Rockford area.

On arrival, our technician will perform a complete diagnosis of your situation and present you with options and prices to help you make an informed choice for water heater replacement or water heater repair.

Signs You Need a New Water Heater

If you’re uncertain about replacement, here are some signs you might need the installation of a new system.

1. Not enough hot water

It’s possible your family situation has changed since your original system was installed, and it’s just not able to keep up with the growing demand for hot water. If that comforting hot shower is suddenly turning cold, that’s a pretty good sign you might want to consider replacement with a new, more efficient unit.

Water heater installation in Rockford, IL

2. The age of your heater

Most water heaters do a good job for about a decade. With luck, you might even squeeze a little more time out of it, but if you’re beyond the 10-year mark, and your utility bills are climbing, you may want to begin thinking about replacement, especially if it’s no longer providing all the hot water you need.

3. Strange noises

Over time, unfortunately, sentiment builds up in the bottom of the tank, and hot water causes the sentiment to harden. Consequently, you’ll probably hear rumbling and banging noises coming out of your heater.

4. Rusty water

When they come together, water and metal produce corrosion. That corrosion can cause internal components to fail, especially the anode rod. When this component fails, the water in the tank will probably pick up the corrosion, leading to rusty water flowing out of your taps. You might replace the anode rod, but if you have an older unit, replacement of the water heater will probably be the better option.

5. Puddles around your tank

Over the years, as your system cycles on and off countless times, the walls of your unit expand and contract, potentially leading to fractures that allow water to seep out of the tank. If you see water collecting around your unit, it’s definitely time to call in the professionals to replace your water heater.

Types of Water Heaters

At Pearson Plumbing and Heating, we provide a selection of water heaters to meet your budget and your particular needs. Basically, there are three types of heaters on the market today, traditional, hybrid, and tankless water heaters.

Traditional Tank Water Heaters

This is the most common type of water heater, utilizing an insulated tank that stores hot water until it’s needed. They’re usually gas-powered, but electric heaters are also available.

Hybrid Water Heaters

A hybrid water heater, also known as a heat pump water heater (HPWH) combines a standard water heater with an energy-efficient heat pump. Briefly explained, an HPWH draws heat from the outside into an evaporator coil containing refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the air, and the unit’s heat exchanger heats water to the desired temperature before it reaches the appliances and faucets in your home.

All that may sound a bit complicated, but hybrid heaters are basically using electricity to transfer heat from one place to another instead of using electricity to generate heat. Consequently, they can be far more energy efficient than traditional electric water heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters

These run on electricity and are the most energy-efficient option on the market today. Rather than storing a supply of hot water, these water heaters provide hot water only on demand, saving you significant amounts on your utility bills.

When installing a tankless unit, one of the most important considerations is the gallons per minute (GPM) capability of the unit. Generally, tankless systems can produce between 2 to 5 gallons per minute of hot water. The higher GPM, the more plumbing devices that need hot water you’re able to use at one time.

In contrast, with a tankless heater that produces a lower number of GPMs, you’re limited to using only one or two plumbing devices at the same time.

Whether you decide on a traditional or hybrid heater or tankless water heater installation in Rockford, we’ve got you covered at Pearson Plumbing and Heating.

Contact Pearson Plumbing and Heating for Water Heater Installation in Rockford

If you’re ready for water heater installation in Rockford, you can always count on the professionals at Pearson Plumbing and Heating. We’re not given to bragging, but we honestly believe that no one does water heater installation better than we do. So, when you’re ready for a new water heater, give us a call at (815) 398-8312, or if you prefer, you can schedule an appointment online.

Either way, we’ll be there in no time at all to provide the very best hot water heater installation service available in the Rockford area.

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