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Five Reasons You Should Open Your Doors and Windows TODAY!

Spring is in the air! Officially, we’re a little more than two weeks into the season and the forecast is calling for some true springtime temps.

One of the best parts about this time of year is getting to shut off the furnace and allowing your home to breathe in the fresh, spring air. Opening your windows and doors to air out your home can have some huge benefits for you and your family.

Boost your mood. Studies have shown that increased fresh air can impact our health in a number of ways – from our immune system to our overall mood. The oxygen-enriched outdoor air can even give us an energy boost!

Ventilate your home. After closing our homes to the outside world for a few months, germs, allergens, pollutants and unpleasant smells build up and leave our indoor air feeling a bit musty. The outdoor air can do wonders, sweeping out months of air that’s been trapped with nowhere to go. Airing out your home can also help regulate indoor humidity levels.

Save on energy costs. The most obvious upside of turning off your HVAC system is that you won’t rack up energy costs while it’s not in use. Homeowners can almost cut their energy bill in half, depending on how long they’d like to keep their system off. If you’re worried about the temperature dropping too low while you’re asleep, you can turn your furnace off during the day and turn it back on when you get home from work. That way, you’ll reap the cost-saving benefits and allow your thermostat to keep you warm at night.

Cut down on emissions. Whether we like it or not, running our furnaces and air conditioners creates exhaust that can be harmful to the environment. We can all but eliminate these emissions for a short time if we take a break and allow the outdoor air to regulate our indoor temperature.

Save on wear-and-tear. All HVAC units have a shelf life, whether it’s ten, twenty or thirty years. You can juristically increase the longevity of your equipment by giving your system a break during the fall and spring months when the temperatures are tolerable.
We might not be ready to turn on the air conditioner just yet, but before you know it, summer will make its annual arrival and bring along some hot and steamy conditions. Prepare your home to handle the heat all summer long and prevent A/C problems by scheduling an inspection with Pearson! Our highly trained technicians will spot potential issues and fix them before you crank your A/C for the summer – saving you from a potential, costly breakdown.

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