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Don’t let mosquitos crash your party this summer!

We may be in third winter right now, but warmer weather is right around the corner! That means backyard barbecues, graduation parties, late night fires, and enjoying your coffee out on your deck every morning. But what do all of these activities have in common? One very pesky, very annoying, and potentially harmful uninvited guest: The Dreaded Mosquito.

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You’ve just settled into your hammock with a cold drink and a good book. You hear the birds chirping, leaves rustling…. And then you hear your air conditioner kick on. Is a noisy air conditioner impacting the peace and quiet you’re looking for in your backyard?

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Make sure your A/C is working at maximum capability.

With some of the hottest Memorial Day temps recorded in history, your air conditioner probably worked overtime this summer. Make sure you’re doing what you can to keep your A/C working efficiently.

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Introducing Mitsubishi’s Electric Ductless Split system

What exactly makes a split system different than the regular system you have in your home right now? The ductless system is a standalone wall mounted system that doesn’t require any hook up using ductwork. These systems are more efficient and held to a higher standard than the standard home HVAC unit. Ductless systems are comprised of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that require nothing other than mounting capabilities in different areas and access to electricity. So what are the advantages?

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There’s a lot of buzz about bees these days (pun intended). What most of us don’t know, however, is that there are more than 20,000 species of bees in existence. Living on every continent except Antarctica, there’s a lot to know about bees. In Illinois alone, there are approximately 400 to 500 species of native bees.

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Prevent cracked spigots by installing a frost-proof outdoor faucet

Spring is in the air and we’re all getting a little antsy for some fresh air! It’s time to get outside and clean up the yard, pick up sticks, and search for the first little signs of green popping up from the ground.

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Protect Your Basement from Spring Flooding

We just set the clocks forward and we’re ready to jump into spring! We’re counting down the days until the dirty snow has melted away for good and the daffodils and crocuses begin to make their long awaited reappearances.

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Winnebago County is having one of the worst flu seasons it’s had in years. It seems like just about every family in the area has been hit by it! We all know the importance of washing our hands and not touching our faces, especially when we’re out in public. But sometimes it’s easy to forget about the germs that you track back into your own home.

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The cold weather is here and we’ve already had to dig ourselves out from under a foot of snow… and the winter is just getting started. With an entire winter ahead of us, you may be wondering if you furnace will make it through one more season. Nobody wants to be without heat, so to help you make a decision about replacing your furnace in Rockford, ask yourselves the following questions.

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