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Why A High Efficiency HVAC Unit is Right for You – or Anyone!

We often talk about the cost-saving aspects of owning a high efficiency HVAC unit in your home. While it’s certainly one of the most attractive reasons to upgrade to one of these units, there’s many other reasons why a modern, highly efficient HVAC is right for any homeowner!

Superior Performance

Efficiency and increased performance typically go hand-in-hand. HVAC units are no exception! Replacing your aging HVAC unit with one that’s optimally tuned will make an immediate, noticeable impact in your home. Increased air flow throughout the home is one of the most recognizable effects. High efficiency units are able to pump out warm or cool air far more effectively than most older predecessors – giving you a more consistent, regulated temperature in your home. Not to mention that, while in use, newer units are much quieter than one with a lot of use. This means no more rattling or clanking from your HVAC in the middle of the night!

More Control

Modern HVAC units have far greater capabilities than those from twenty or even just ten years ago. Variable-speed technology gives you the ability to choose how quickly your HVAC’s air flows through your home – letting you pick the temperature and the rate at which it increases/decreases. Programmable thermostats also allow you to have greater control over the temperature in your home.


Longer Life

Since high efficiency units require less energy to produce the same output as standard HVACs, there’s much less wear and tear on the motor and other system components. This means that, with proper maintenance, high efficiency units can last for decades with no decrease in performance. Modern units are also much more reliable, meaning less breakdowns and repairs.


Want to find out for yourself how a high efficiency unit can bring all these advantages and more to your home? Now is the perfect time! Right now, we’ll install a Ruud HVAC System in your home for no down payment with three years of 0% interest financing. That’s a brand new furnace AND air conditioner, professionally installed, with 36 months of no interest payments. You’ll also receive a ten-year warranty on all parts and labor. Need to call a technician out for a quick fix on your HVAC unit? You won’t pay a dime for any repairs ‘til 2027!

Give us a call today at 398-8312 and find out how we can give you decades of superior comfort at an unbeatable rate.

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