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Fortunately, we do not see headlines like these very often. But even once would be traumatic if your children or grandchildren were involved. For all of us, child safety is always high on the list.

With that in mind, we felt compelled to share some thoughts regarding potential safety issues in the typical home setting. Our hope is that you might find something that could be useful to make your home safer.

Keep meds out of reach
Almost 40% of child poisoning cases involve grandparents’ meds, so clear all drugs from countertops, tables and drawers. Put a child proof lock on the medicine cabinet. Don’t forget to watch your purse.

Eliminate crib clutter
We used to put our babies to sleep in a crib with bumpers and stuffed toys, but clutter can be a suffocation hazard. The American Academy of Pediatrics now says the safest way for a baby to sleep is ABC – Alone on its Back in the Crib.

Make furniture tip-proof
Flat screen TVs and modern furniture are particularly prone to tipping if little ones try to pull themselves up. Attach anti-tip brackets or straps to safely secure these items. Don’t forget outlet covers, drawer locks, stairway gates and corner guards for furniture.

Remember stove safety
When kids are around, use back burners and always keep handles of pots and pans turned in.

5 overlooked choking hazards
• Mini batteries
• Jewelry
• Refrigerator magnets
• Pen caps
• Loose change

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