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Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa (on a Tiny Budget)!

Have you ever dreamt of having a luxurious, relaxing spa in your very own home? You don’t have to break the bank to transform your bathroom into a peaceful sanctuary! There are several affordable, DIY ways to give yourself the spa experience at home – no remodeling, big budgets or huge time commitments required!

Photo by Thomas Wanhoff

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Use an Earthly Color Scheme – Painting your bathroom walls with natural colors such as green, brown or gray can make the room feel more spacious and have a calming effect.
  • Clear Away Toiletry Items – Nothing makes a room look more disorganized than a bunch of stuff sitting on the counter. Make a conscious effort every day to put toiletries back in their drawers when not in use. If space is an issue, consider investing in some baskets or boxes that can easily be tucked away.
  • Treat Yourself to a New Showerhead – A little extra money for a quality showerhead goes a long way when it comes to creating a more relaxing shower. Oversized showerheads or showerheads with different pressure options let the whole family enjoy your new spa.
  • Set the Mood with Music – Soothing background music can make all the difference in your bathroom/spa experience. There’s a wide selection of waterproof Bluetooth speakers that will look appealing, sound great and won’t blow your budget.
  • Dim Lights – You’ll have to consult an electrician for this one, but lighting with dimming controls are now relatively affordable and more popular than ever. Turning the lights down has a calming effect and will make your bathroom even more serene while taking a bath.
  • Smell – A reed diffuser with scented oil or a scented candle can bring an uplifting sense of freshness to your new spa. These can also add an aesthetic touch to the environment when placed on a countertop or shelf.
  • Upgrade Your Bath Mat – It’s the first step you take after a long, refreshing shower or bath. Why not make the transition as comfortable as possible? An oversized, plush bath mat will feel great look cozier than a standard mat or towel in front of the shower.
  • Add a Bathtub Tray – A bathtub tray doesn’t do much for the aesthetic qualities of your bathroom, but it’s a nice little addition while you’re soaking in the tub. Keep a book, special soaps or even a glass of wine at your immediate reach while you’re relaxing.

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