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To Finance or Not to Finance: That is the Question!

There’s no doubt about it: emergency home repairs, major home upgrades and remodels can be intimidating, starting with what’s necessary and how to pay for it.

If you’re on the fence about the upgrading, consider the following:

Are inefficiencies in your home costing you money?

Maybe it’s leaky pipes or the sealing on your windows that is letting heat escape during the winter. Or maybe your thirty-year old furnace or central air is disagreeing with you. Whatever the reason may be, when your home starts to cost you more because of being outdated or not running properly, it may be time to upgrade!

Families should not have to dip into their emergency fund to pay for their repair or upgrade –financing is always an option to consider. Don’t let the normal wear and tear around your house affect your comfort level or pocketbook!

Are you tired of a dated look? Are you willing to pay for better functionality? (Pssst… Your friends all think that 70’s tile is hideous)

You have given yourself the opportunity to call yourself a homeowner. Applaud yourself. As if the home buying process isn’t stressful enough, let’s talk about that tile in your bathroom! That tile was there when you moved in, and that’s the excuse you have been telling everyone since.

Or maybe you are stuck with a kitchen that doesn’t allow you to cook for your big family, and also has really bad tiling.

Whatever the case may be, one of the biggest reasons for remodeling is updating an out-of-date living space! Remodeling projects can be expensive because many people also get all new appliances. If aesthetics and functionality are important to you, and you do not have the cash saved to get started, financing your dream home is an appealing option!

We understand that home remodels and emergency home repairs can be expensive and stretch a family’s budget to the limits. That’s no problem! Not only can we help provide peace of mind when it comes to your family’s comfort in your home, but we’ll do our best to provide peace of mind for your finances. Flexible financing plans are available upon request.

• 12 month special financing
• Rapid approval guaranteed
• Simple application process
• Flexible financing plan

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