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Most of us are pretty good at regularly changing our furnace filter throughout the winter heating season. But do you think to change the air conditioner filter during the summer cooling season? Like others, maybe you do not even know where the AC filter is located.

Surprise! The two filters the same! In many cases, the filter is inexpensive, made of fiberglass and cardboard and readily accessible at hardware and box stores.

But wait you say! I am top of my game because I have my furnace and AC checked once a year and the filter is replaced (think Pearson!). The technician will clean, tune up and inspect my equipment and advise me of anything that does not look right. That’s great, but he will usually not see you for another 6 months. That means that the regular filter changing job now belongs to YOU!

Changing the filter is typically a quick and easy task, but it can make a huge difference. A clogged filter reduces the airflow in your system and forces it to work harder. The efficiency drops, energy bills will go rise, the parts wear out faster and up goes your energy bill. Repairs can mount up and the need to replace the equipment may happen sooner than you might have expected.

During your next tune up, insist that the technician show you the location of your filter and verify its size. This will enable you to purchase filters and be ready to change yours out on a regular basis (typically every month) before it gets clogged with dirt, dust and hair. As you take out the old filter, look for mold, mildew and dampness – signs of possible unwanted moisture in your system. Check the arrow on the filter and ensure it points in the direction of the airflow.

Some other factors leading to frequent filter clogs are smoking in the home, using a wood fireplace, keeping indoor pets and recent interior construction. Because we all generate dead skin cells, the number of people in the home can increase the frequency and magnitude of the filter clogs.

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