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Ready to Cook Up a Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen Remodeling

If you’ve been thinking about updating your kitchen’s plumbing, sink or appliances, it’s time to treat yourself. If you start now, you’ll have a brand new living space to show off to friends and family.

Here are a couple of kitchen remodeling trends to consider:

  • Update your major appliances with more modern, energy-efficient models that fit your family’s lifestyle.
  • Rethink your sink. There are endless possibilities when it comes to your sink – find one for you that serves a functional and fashionable purpose. Speaking of your sink…
  • Pair a new faucet with your new sink. The options for a faucet are seemingly endless by the time you pick a style, finish, handle and mount. Pick one that compliments your new sink!
  • Ask your Pearson tech about a new garbage disposal. We can help with the installation or even replace an old one that hasn’t been working.

Check out the Pearson showroom to see what’s new!

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