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You have met with Pearson Plumbing and Heating in your home, you have signed a proposal for a remodeling project or you just want to upgrade some of your plumbing fixtures. Well, do I have a surprise for you!

The Connor Company, located at 3537 Merchandise Drive in Rockford, IL has a very special arrangement with us here at Pearson. Not only do they have a wide range of products for you to choose from, but Connor has fully functional products set up for you to see, touch, feel and actually HEAR (think toilets). This allows our customers to select the most appropriate products for their home.

This is much more personal and effective than trying to choose options and upgrades based solely upon a catalog or website. You will receive one on one consultation with a friendly, experienced and knowledgeable showroom associate who will pay careful attention to detail, including monitoring orders to make sure they are accurate and complete.

Included in Connor’s product array are 10 working toilets so you can get the right height, size and flushing action for your needs. Included in the 10 are some of the most popular toilets and features available, such as dual flush, pressure assist and ADA high rise.

Other products for your consideration are four garbage disposers, three electronic kitchen faucets, one electronic lavatory faucet, a whirlpool/air tub, body sprays, six shower heads (one includes blue tooth and plays music!) and an electronic urinal flush valve.

A newer high technology tankless water heater, two furnaces and a water softener are all hooked up, fully functional and ready for your inspection and selection. Manufacturers include names we all know such as Kohler, Sterling, Moen, Grohe, Delta and others.

Afford yourself the luxury of the personal touch and stop in at Connor. Your needs will be exceeded by Troy, Wendy, Justin and Dustin. They are committed to providing you the level of excellence you expect and will stand behind all their fine products even after the installation is complete.

So do yourself a favor. Visit Connor Company today or call 815-874-1515 to schedule an appointment. You will not be disappointed!

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