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Most people are unaware of the potential problems that can be caused by their normal everyday activities. What are some of the hazards and what positive steps can be taken to insure that your home environment is safe?

I have heard the terms RPZ and backflow, but am not sure what they mean?
Most of us associate the term back flow preventer or RPZ (reduced pressure zone) with home irrigation systems. These irrigation systems are connected to the public water system. Lawn sprinkler systems have recessed heads which are exposed to fertilizers, etc. An RPZ is installed to prevent back siphonage. Homeowners are sent a letter from the water department and by law; the system is required to be inspected annually by a RPZ licensed tech using specialized equipment.

Do you know where your outside water hose is right now?
If it is lying in any type of container, swimming pool, spa, water trough, dog bowl, a bucket you’re using to wash the car or even a mud puddle, you could be setting the stage for contaminates to be pulled back into your home.

How could the bad water get pulled back in to your home?
When the water hose is not under pressure and the faucet is unprotected, simply turning on the water inside your house can pull the water the hose is in, back into your house. Scary?? Think about the hose end sprayers with fertilizer connected to the end of your water hose. An improperly installed fill valve (ballcock) assembly in your toilet tank can also siphon water back into your drinking water.

What must I do to protect my drinking water from contaminants?
• Make sure your outside faucets (spigots, some say) are current and able to provide backflow protection
• Do not leave the end of your hose sitting in any water filled container
• Ensure that the laundry tub faucet hose in not sitting in any laundry tub water
• Check your toilet tank for a proper ballcock
• Have your irrigation system checked annually to ensure proper RPZ protection

Give yourself peace of mind. Get the protection your water system deserves!

Call PEARSON today to schedule a licensed back flow prevention technician to inspect, evaluate and recommend steps to keep your water supply safe!

NOTE: If you need to add an RPZ, the same technician can provide you with a proposal

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