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Our thoughts, our plans and our actions are typically programmed to fit in nicely with our daily routines. We go from activity to activity and from day to day with very little change. Occasionally, new situations arise and we adjust accordingly. But are you ready for a home emergency? An unexpected event occurs that requires immediate and effective action on your part. Read on for some helpful hints and tips.

If you need to shut it off quickly – locate where the main water supply enters your home. There might be leaks – locate the individual shutoffs under sinks and by toilets.
After loads are done, shut the water off to your washer – the hose could burst.
For an early warning, put a $30 water alarm by your sump pump and water heater.

If you need to shut it off quickly – locate where the main gas supply enters your home.
There can be leaks –locate the individual shutoffs by the water heater, range and furnace.
Gas is odorless, but gas companies put a smell in it so you can detect leaks.
If you smell a gas odor, clear the house and call the gas company.

If you need to shut it off quickly – locate where the main electricity enters your home.
Locate the circuit breaker box – find the main power breaker and all other breakers.
Make sure all the breakers are identified as to what areas/appliances they control.
Check the condition of your wiring – for safety reasons, upgrades may be required.

Sump pump
Make sure it works – fill the pit with water and activate the pump.
Make sure the water pumps up and out and away from the house.
Make sure the piping is effective – attached and secure.

Water heater
Check along base for leaks or rust or structural weakness.
Check all in/out piping – gas, water, exhaust – for any inappropriate connections.

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