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Aging in place - this subject is not just for folks who have many years behind them, but also for their families and loved ones.


What about the cost of staying put?
• There will be a cost involved, but it might be less than the long term cost of moving to a care facility
• The peace of mind and comfortability of staying in your own home may well be worth the cost

Some changes to the bathroom may be required
• Upgrading appliances will make them last longer, increase efficiency and make using them easier
• Think about higher toilets with larger seats
• Toilets come in many styles and colors
• Controlled flow, no touch faucets make sin k time easier
• Walk in tubs, grab bars and adjustable shower heads can provide a safe and effective bathing experience
• To improve safety and ease of use, consider rearranging the space to create a better flow pattern

Don’t forget the kitchen
• Counter location and height
• Placement and types of sinks and faucets
• Storage space that is both efficient and easy to reach
• Appliances may need to be moved and/or replaced
• Use of space and flow remain critical to maximum performance and enjoyment

Pearson can help
There is a “peace of mind” feeling that comes with staying in a house that has been “home” for many years. If making some changes will make that happen for you, just call and let Pearson be a partner in that process for you and your family.

Financing – more options than you might realize
Evaluate options and review recommendations with Pearson today. Our extensive financing program with Wells Fargo can make this a reality for you today.


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