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How Noisy is Your Air Conditioner?

You’ve just settled into your hammock with a cold drink and a good book. You hear the birds chirping, leaves rustling…. And then you hear your air conditioner kick on. Is a noisy air conditioner impacting the peace and quiet you’re looking for in your backyard?

We all understand that our air conditioners
must make some noise. But when the noise level reaches a point of irritation and concern, action is required. The root cause may be attributable to your AC unit’s age, where it was installed in your yard and whether or not regularly scheduled maintenance was performed. Whichever the case, you will want to identify the severity of the noise and try to determine if it is normal (expected) or concerning (a problem needing attention to head off future damage).

A buzzing sound could be caused by one of the following conditions. If any of these sound familiar, give Pearson a call so we can evaluate your unit’s performance, recommend options and let you choose the solution that provides the greatest value.

  • Malfunctioning compressor – This part works to pressurize and cool the refrigerant in your AC. A buzzing sound means your compressor may not be working properly.
  • Missing or damaged compressor rubber support feet – the compressor is mounted to the base of the AC unit on these feet. The rubber on the feet can crack or disintegrate, causing the compressor to become unbalanced causing a loud, buzzing noise.
  • Frozen AC unit – AC units keep us cool during the hottest times of the year. But they can freeze up due to refrigerant leaks. Again, a buzzing sound may be present.
  • Loose parts – many moving parts operate together to cool you home. If a part gets loose or is missing, other parts may suffer from premature wear produce a buzzing sound.

Give is a call 815-398-8312 to have your noisy AC diagnosed and repaired!

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