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Help! My Pipes are Frozen!

The snow and cold are on their way. Plumbing can be a bit more problematic in the wintertime – especially with the danger of frozen pipes. No one wants to have to deal with frozen pipes that might explode, causing damage and costing you money. With this being said, let’s talk about how pipes become frozen in the first place and what to do when there is an issue.

How did we get here?

Let’s say you notice that there is a problem with your water flow and you come to the conclusion that your pipes have frozen. Water has a unique property of expanding when it freezes and this can actually cause the pipes to burst, furthering your expenses. Pipes that are susceptible to freezing include: water supply lines in unheated areas like garages, attics, basements, or cabinet areas. Also, pipes that run along the outside of the house or in low insulation areas are highly susceptible to freezing.

Thawing Frozen Pipes

If you turn on your water during the winter and only receive a trickle, part of the pipeline may be frozen. In this case you have a few options – but remember, our highly trained Pearson support is only a phone call away.

  • Keep the faucet open. Running water will help with movement as you begin to thaw out the pipes
  • If reachable, apply heat to the frozen area using a hair dryer or towels soaked in hot water
  • Continue to apply heat until water flows again at normal pressure and remember to check other pipes in the house. If one is frozen, there’s a chance others could be frozen, too.

Preventative Measures

Here are a few tips to help you get a jump on the weather when it comes to frozen pipes:

  • Open cabinets to allow warmer air to flow.
  • If leaving the home for extended periods of time, do not set the thermostat below 55 degrees.
  • Run at least a trickle of water through the pipes daily as moving water prevents freezing.
  • Add insulation to the areas where pipes are exposed.
  • Contact a Pearson representative about relocating some piping in your home or remodeling areas with exposed pipeline.

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