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Four Foolproof Tricks to Beat Winter Dryness!

If you wrote down all the things people don’t like about winter on a single piece of paper, the list would probably reach the moon and back. And today we’re adding one more thing onto that list!

The dry air we experience each winter is one of the many unpleasantries that comes with the season. Sore throats, cracked noses and dried out skin are just a few of ways we’re impacted. Although lotions and lip balms can help relieve some of these symptoms, if there’s no humidity inside your home, the problems associated with the dry air will only continue to get worse. And don’t forget about static buildup!

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to make the environment in your home a bit more comfortable. Every bit of moisture helps!

  • Seal your home! A home that’s properly sealed off should have a steady level of moisture from showers, cooking and various other activities. Check around your home’s windows for any cracks where cold air is coming through. If you can feel the cold air seeping in, seal the leak with caulk or some type of weatherstripping. Take a look at your doorways and invest in a weatherstrip to the warm air and moisture inside your home.
  • Hang dry your clothes. Like we said, every bit of moisture in the air helps! Next time you throw in a load of laundry, run the dryer for 10 minutes or so to get the wrinkles out and hang dry your clothes instead of running a full cycle. The water in your clothes will evaporate and disperse throughout your home, increasing the level of moisture in the air. Not only will this boost your home’s humidity, but it’ll cut down on your energy bill as well!
  • Use the shower to your advantage! The steam coming from your morning shower can make a huge difference in the air! Next time you throw on a towel after hopping out of the shower, leave the bathroom door open and let the steam out. You can even leave the shower on for few minutes longer after you open the door for an even bigger effect.


If all else fails and the air in your home is still less than ideal, consider investing in a humidifier. These helpful devices pump out water vapor into your home at a controlled rate to restore humidity and moisture in the air. Pearson can even install a humidifier in your home and attach it to your furnace to give bring you relief all winter long.

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