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Almost everybody has that one room in their house where the temperature is either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

Welcome to the world of “Ductless Split Systems.” You may have heard about or read about or even seen the small, indoor devices installed high on walls in homes, restaurants or office buildings. But what do you really know about these systems? By targeting a specific area, it can be the ultimate solution to your “one room” temperature problem.

They Offer Flexible Solutions

Whereas traditional heating and cooling systems force cooled and heated air through ducts, ductless split systems deliver air directly into a specific zone or room. They consist of a small outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that require nothing more than mounting capabilities and access to electricity.

They can be used to replace inefficient window units, space heaters and electric baseboard heaters. Ductless systems can even be put in rooms that currently use traditional ducted forced air systems. One unit can address both heating and cooling.

Quick and Easy to Install

Ductless systems are minimally invasive to install and depending on the number of indoor and outdoor units required, can be up and running in one day. The units are high on the wall, out of line of sight and aesthetically pleasing. The units appear to be part of the room’s typical landscape. Multi-split systems run on small pipes that require a small 3 inch hole. Homeowners do not have to worry about rebuilding walls or ceilings.

Eco Friendly Air Conditioners

Millions of people are looking for ways today to be more environmentally friendly. By using less energy than some older traditional types of equipment, the ductless split system addresses this important issue. Also, the refrigerant used in the mini split air conditioner is the most environmentally friendly option in the market today.

Tip #1 – Many of the systems are Energy Star qualified and may be eligible for federal and state credits or local utility rebates.

Tip #2 – There is no need to heat and cool every room in your home all year long when you occupy a few rooms at a time. Don’t try to control your entire home with a single thermostat. Instead, consider the benefits of zone control with a ductless split system.

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