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Do I need a home humidifier?

As it gets colder, you may attribute your scratchy throat, dry skin, or swollen nasal passages to the changing of the weather…. but many people can avoid these winter nuisances with a little help! Enter the humidifier.

A humidifier’s main purpose is already stated in its name. It is to increase the moisture content within the air. Obviously, we cannot see that there is moisture within the air, but it is extremely important to the quality of the air and how it affects the body. The correct moisture content is somewhere between 30% – 50% which can seem very high. Without this moisture, there is less water in the air to be taken in by your body. This means dehydration of your cells, which results in the scratchy throat or dry skin problems.

Choosing a Console Humidifier – It is important to note that there are many different kinds of humidifiers, but for the purpose of this blog we will just discuss console humidifiers. Console humidifiers are humidifiers that hook up directly to your air ducts and humidify the air flowing through your home.

Pearson now offers the Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifier, one of the best home console humidifiers on the market. The Whole-Home Humidifier evenly distributes the perfect amount of moisture to every room in your home, eliminating the negative effects of low humidity. It can even save as much as 4% on yearly heating bills because it allows you to feel more comfortable in your home.

The Digital Humidifier Control allows you to adjust the amount of moisture in the air to your exact specifications, just like your thermostat. Different varieties of the humidifier are available to fit the needs of all members of your family.

If you’d like to know how you can feel more comfortable in your home, call Pearson!

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