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Could You Benefit from a Dehumidifier?

“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!” If you grew up in the Midwest, you’ve probably heard that phrase used quite a few times over the summer. And unfortunately, there’s quite a bit of truth to that statement!

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air, which has a huge impact on how the temperature feels. An 85-degree day can be tolerable if there’s little to no humidity, but on a day with high humidity, 85 degrees can feel downright miserable. Higher humidity reduces our bodies’ effectiveness to keep cool because our sweat doesn’t evaporate as quickly due to the moisture already in the air. When this happens, the air feels warmer than it really is.

Our region experiences a great deal of humidity for a number of reasons. Rainfall evaporation, weather pattern movement and our flat, geographic makeup are just a few reasons why the Midwest is just as humid as any other region in the United States.

Air conditioning helps remove most of the moisture from the air, but if it’s particularly muggy out, a dehumidifier can help bring even more relief to your home. They’re available online or at most big box retailers and can have a number of positive impacts in your home.

Ways a Dehumidifier Can Help

  • Reduce the workload on your air conditioner

    Air conditioning units don’t just pump cold air into our homes, they also help remove moisture from the air. When humidity levels are high, it can make it a bit more difficult for the unit to keep up with the outside conditions and completely remove humidity from the air. A dehumidifier can help lighten the workload on your home air conditioning. You can also run your dehumidifier and set the thermostat a few degrees higher to save on energy without compromising on home comfort.

  • Relieve allergies

    Airborne allergens like dust, dander and pollen are able to thrive and travel very well in humid conditions. Bringing down the humidity levels in your home with a dehumidifier can halt the spread of allergens in your home and improve the air quality. Lower humidity will also stop mold and mildew from forming in your home, both of which can decrease the air quality.

  • Keep you and your family more comfortable

    Overall, a dehumidifier placed in your home’s living room or other central location will improve the quality of the air and bring down the temperature. Bringing down the humidity levels can benefit your breathing, skin and comfort for both yourself and your family.

If you’ve had it with the humid conditions this summer, give a dehumidifier a try today!

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