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Avoid Clogs and Hassles

Every day you put things down your drain – you flush the toilet, run the shower, use the dishwasher, turn on the garbage disposal and wash clothes with little thought to what happens behind the scenes.

Watch for Warning Signs

If you keep an eye on a few early warning signs, you can avoid a serious problem before it begins.

  • Multiple drains, including shower, faucet and toilets are backed up.
  • Water backs up in other places, such as your basement or kitchen, when you use plumbing fixtures.
  • Water is flowing out of the sewer cleanout connection in your yard.

Practice Prevention

There are a few measures you and your family can take to ensure your lines stay clog free and warning signs like these don’t occur in the first place.

  • Be careful what you put down the drains. Any organic matter, such as leftover food, coffee grinds, egg shells or chunks of garbage should never find its way down your drain. Check the strainers or covers of your sink regularly and dispose of anything that’s been caught.
  • Don’t flush items like facial tissue, diapers, paper towels or even “flushable” wipes. One would think that a few of these items would be alright to flush down the toilet, but in reality they can cause massive clogs in your home’s piping system. Unlike toilet paper that’s designed to break down after being flushed away, paper towels and facial tissue are made with much stronger fibers and will hold up in water. These items can build up over time and create major issues for plumbing.
  • Never pour grease down your drain. Even though it may be liquid when it goes down the drain, any type of grease or animal fat will eventually harden and solidify along the sides of your home’s plumbing. The blockage will grow over time and can be very difficult to remove. Instead of pouring the grease down the drain, let it cool until it’s somewhat solid and throw it in the garbage. Certain types of grease can even be saved to use in future cooking!

Have a Back Up Plan

Even with the best home owner prevention, sometimes you need an expert. This is where Pearson can help. Our team of licensed plumbers work to resolve your sewer and drain issues quickly with our full range of drain cleaning, clearing and repair solutions. Turn to Pearson for:

  • Recommendations on products, like Bioclean, for small problems.
  • Regular sewer line and drain cleaning.
  • Complete replacement of your lines.

Try The Safer Drain Cleaner

Slow or clogged drains? Don’t use harsh chemicals that could damage your pipes even further and may not even take care of the problem. Try the safer drain cleaner – Bioclean. Act now and you’ll save half off a bottle (a $25 value) that can solve your plumbing problems in a way that’s safe for the environment. During your next appointment with Pearson, just mention our “Bioclean sale.” Offer good though June 31. Cannot be combined with any other discount.

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