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Maybe you already feel it.  Or at least you fear its arrival.  What is it?  It is the twinge we get this time of year about weight gain over the holidays.  It can be scarier than the ghosts and goblins of Halloween.  Oh well, there is always the New Year’s resolution! 

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If you are like me, you know that putting together a home emergency kit is extremely important but it just doesn’t get done. We have our ready excuses – I am too busy or I’ll get to it soon or somewhere in my mind I believe that bad things always happen to somebody else. Reading about the recent hurricane and power outages out east reminds all of us that we owe it to our family to be ready.

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Like most homeowners you are probably quite good at getting your home ready for the harsh winter weather ahead. If you are like me, maybe you wait just a little too long to start, but a big effort just as the cold weather begins to hit, will usually make us feel like we are prepared. Typical winterizing projects include furnace tune ups, filter changes, hosing down the AC and adding caulk and/or weather stripping to keep out the cold.

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Admit it – we may not be scared of spiders, but we do not like them. Many of us have been bit in the night and awakened to a nice new tender red spot somewhere on our body! Even though spiders can survive outside in our cold winter climate, just like us, they would prefer to spend the winter inside where they can feast on other insects.

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As we move from summer to fall, mice become more active in seeking new sources of food, water and shelter. They need an opening no larger than a dime to gain entry. Once they have arrived, your problems can very quickly get out of control. Preventing entry is ideal, but in case you get some………….

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