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Each year, many homeowners partake in an annual tradition of deep cleaning and organization known as spring cleaning. Once spring arrives, many of us take a weekend – or an entire week – to scrub, scour and clean in places that have been neglected during the fall and winter. 

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This would normally be a topic reserved for the spring time, but with the unseasonable warmth and rainfall in the forecast, it doesn’t feel a typical January here in the Stateline! 

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The holidays are here.  You may have multiple guests over for dinner or a large Christmas party.  Out of town family or friends may be taking over part of your space for an extended period of time.  With all that you need to do, it is hard to remember to check and see that your house is in proper condition to deal with the winter weather.  You certainly do not need a disaster and you want your guests to remember your gathering as a hassle free pleasant visit.      

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Here are some thoughts/questions that we have all had regarding our furnace.  Is it doing as good a job as last year?  Can it make it through one more season?  What if it does not work when it’s super cold?  Will I get hit with a large repair bill?  If it does make it, will I be ready to replace or will I roll the dice again?      

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Carbon monoxide (CO) has no distinct odor, color or taste.  It is the “silent killer.” There is no way to know it is around until you start to feel sick or a carbon monoxide detector in your home goes off.  CO is found in fumes produced anytime you burn fuel in cars or trucks, stoves, lanterns, fireplaces, water heaters or furnaces. 

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